Hostel facilities will not be provided for a month – DU

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  • Several colleges under Delhi University have stated that hostel facilities will not be at least for another month as the admission process needed to be undertaken first. As the colleges were shut due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the academic sessions began without hostel admissions in the last two years.
  • Officials state that it is not possible to allot room without the admission process which will take at least another month as notice must be issued, students must apply and a shortlisted list must be released. Until the said period, students will have to look for accommodation elsewhere.
  • Students from outstation are sending queries to their colleges regarding their inability to reach Delhi by the designated day. However, principals state that appropriate assistance would be provided to students who miss classes.
  • First-year students will have their classes continued online and no restrictions will be imposed on them as their exams are due in March. For the other batches, students must come to the campus and students who are not able to attend classes offline will be provided assistance by uploading lectures online for their reference.

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