High Demand Industries for Freshers

High Demand Industries for Freshers

This article comprises 5 industries in which freshers are in-demand.

Information and Technology (IT)

IT Sector is showing over 65% intent to hire freshers as it is growing exponentially. In order to meet the rising demand, the sector will hire about one lakh freshers. Increased exports, Increased spending in the industry and significant growth in software products are expected. The central government is allocating a budget of USD 111.58 billion.


India’s ed-tech market will touch USD 3.5 billion by 2022. Top firms are aggressively expanding their operations and are hiring thousands of employees. Most of the freshers in Ed-tech startups will be in marketing, sales, design, content and technical domains.


Telecom companies will be investing over INR 3,000 crores. This is done to expand data centres across India. There is also an increased demand for job roles in 5G-centric technologies like Cloud Computing, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. These domains require the involvement of fresh talent in the domain.

E-Commerce and Logistics

Logistics and e-commerce companies are increasing their hiring capacity. The industry is working to fill freshers in profiles such as operations, marketing, sales and servicing.


FinTech is one of the fastest growing and in-demand industries in the country. Moreover, the industry will generate highly skilled employment opportunities. Domains such as data science, Cyber Security, blockchain and DevOps are looking to higher freshers.

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