Here is everything that you need to know about Mithibai College

Situated in Mumbai, Mithibai College was established in 1961 with the vision of providing the best and quality education to the students. This college has 32 departments out of which 16 are of Postgraduate. The admission policy of this college encourages talented students despite their economical background.

The mission of Mithibai College is to prepare students for upcoming challenges and competition with the help of critical thinking and work ethic. Did you know? That in 2019 it was ranked as the best college in Mumbai. Apart from bookish knowledge they also focus on overall development and make sure that the students are getting the opportunity to showcase their skills. The college provides many opportunities for career and extracurricular achievements.

Vision and Mission

The mission of Mithibai College is to strengthen the learning process with innovative ideas. With the help of the best and highly qualified faculty and infrastructure, they create a perfect environment for the students.

Their vision is to establish themselves as the most prestigious educational institution. With a holistic approach, they encourage the students to be innovative and creative.

Courses Offered

Mithibai College is popular for 3 courses – Commerce, Science and Arts. English is the compulsory language in every program and you can choose the second language out of French, Hindi, Marathi, IT and Gujarati according to your choice.

Placement Criteria

Mithibai College has its placement cell which provides ample opportunities to the students for their career development. Apart from jobs, they provide part-time and full-time internships.

The cell encourages the students to enroll themselves in different training programs. These programs help the students to discover their skillset and creative side. Many reputed companies like Tech Mahindra, Nokia and Future first visit the campus every year. The average salary package is 2.35 lakhs per annum.

Scholarship Criteria

Mithibai College awards several scholarships and free ships to the students. Some of the scholarships are merit-based and some of them are for disabled students as well. Every scholarship has its own qualifying criteria.

About the Campus

The infrastructure of Mithibai College is designed to cater to every need of the students. The campus is spacious and the classes are fully equipped with AC to make the atmosphere comfortable.


The library of this college is a masterpiece in Mumbai city. It has a huge collection of books, titles, study material, journals, CDs, audiobooks, e-books and much more. So, there is nothing that you can’t find here. The library is fully air-conditioned and is connected to high-speed Wi-Fi to make the atmosphere comfortable.

Activity area

The activity area enables the students to discover their creative side. Several extra-curricular activities take place to de-stress the students.

Medical Facility

Medical facility is also available for the students as well as staff.


The canteen offers hygienic food at affordable rates and the atmosphere of the cafeteria is tidy and clean. A cake shop is also there for the people with sweet tooth.


For the fitness freaks, the college has a gym which has all the machines that you will need.


The teaching method of the faculty is very effective as the classrooms are high-tech and fully air-conditioned. Smartboards, Projectors and audio-video systems are used to create an impact on the student’s mind.


The labs of Mithibai College are well equipped with technology so that the students can do the research without any interruption.

Other Facilities

Each floor of the campus has basic facilities like Lift, Ramp, water purifier and washrooms. Apart from this, special arrangements are there for people with special needs.


There is tight security and many CCTV cameras are installed on the entire campus.

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