Here is all about Miranda House that you should know

With amazing infrastructure and a retro look, the one and only Miranda House have been every student’s dream. It is located in North Campus and was found in 1948. Just like any other college it started with just a few numbers of students and now they have over 4000 students. If you don’t already know then let us tell you that the motto of the college is

Learning Through Self-Education”.

It was also ranked as the best college in the country which is quite justified in our opinion. The campus is considered as an eye candy. Wondering why? Well, the aesthetic designs and the greenery converts the entire campus into a breathtaking view. On the other hand, this amazing college has been focusing on women empowerment and conducts workshops, one to one discussions and much more.

Courses Offered

This College has n number of courses for you to offer under 5 degrees. This college has been focusing on providing quality education to their students which is the reason why they have been growing since the establishment. The courses that this college has to offer helps the students to discover their creative side. The courses offered by them are as follows –

  1. B.Sc.
  2. B.A.
  3. B.El.Ed.
  4. M.A.
  5. M.Sc.
  6. Certificate


This prestigious college has many things to offer including 25 awards and scholarships for the students. They do provide scholarships/awards to the financially weak students. So, that they can do wonders too.

Miranda House Alumnae Association Scholarship

  1. 2 students get the opportunity – one is from the Humanities and the other is from Science.
  2. The Selection criteria is based on Economic needs as well as Academics.
  3. Faculty selects the most deserving student.
  4. Last but not least the prize money is Rs.6000.

Dr. Angeli Qwatra Awards for Excellence

  1. 2 students get the opportunity – one from Humanities and the other from Science.
  2. The Selection criteria is based on Economic needs as well as Academics.
  3. Selection Committee conducts an interview for the perfect pick.
  4. The final selected student is awarded with the prize money of 6000 along with a trophy.


Every year many popular companies visit the campus and hire the capable students. Some of them are – Oberoi, Stanza and many more. They do offer an attractive salary package as well which is great for the students who are looking forward to this opportunity and want exposure in the professional field.

Reservation Criteria

  1. 5% for PWD students.
  2. 15% for SC students.
  3. 7.5% for ST students.
  4. 27% for OBC students
  5. 10% for EWS. 

About the Campus

With huge airy corridors, spacious campus, designed buildings and lush green gardens this college have filled colours in the dreams of many students. It is also known to have a strong IT backbone with a vast National Knowledge network, Wi-Fi, Technology and everything that you can think of.

Living up to the student’s expectations the colleges has a huge library as well which will not let you down. They have material for every kind of reader. From e-books to braille books they have covered everything. Let us tell you that they have a huge collection of e-books which comprises of 98000 books. So, all your reading needs will get fulfilled here.

Also, Miranda House takes the initiative to make the life of visually impaired students easy by providing the appropriate environment and technology to assist them. More than 400 students have been enjoying this decision taken by the authorities.


If you are a sports person then worry not because Miranda House will not let your spirit die. They have huge courts, grounds for each sport so that you can have a great experience. They provide 24*7 medical assistance, the best food at cheap rates, electricity back-up and much more.

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