Guidance for the preparation for CUET examination – key tips

Guidance for the preparation for CUET examination – key tips

This year, Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) is set to become the biggest entrance exam in the country with the participation of 54 Central Universities across India for admissions to their undergraduate courses. It is seen that students are under tremendous pressure with board examinations on one side and CUET on the other.

Students have extremely high stakes and it is essential for them to understand and prepare well for their examinations. CUET examinations are tentatively scheduled for July which leaves only a month left for the students to prepare for their examinations.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what a CUET exam is all about. Every entrance examination is different and understanding CUET is the key to granting access to the best universities in the country. Moreover, in addition to understanding the exam structure, it is also necessary to understand the universities participating in CUET.

Secondly, after understanding about CUET examination, it is necessary to understand and decode the CUET syllabus. This will help in shortlisting the content that must be covered. Also, check for priorities and the marks assigned to every content so that more concentration can be given to subjects that are prioritized.

However, the basic point is to cover the entire CUET syllabus and if the students are not thorough with the syllabus, they might not be able to distinguish between what to study and what not to. The syllabus for CUET paves a way for the students to understand and learn the subject crisply.

Thirdly, CUET will most probably be conducted after the Board exams are over as it is an entrance examination for admissions to undergraduate courses at central universities. Students, at the moment, will be focusing on their Class 12 board examinations, given the pressure and hype around it.

Preparing for an exam requires strategic planning and the first basic requirement is to create a plan in which a student can spend 90-120 minutes every day. It is also necessary to have a plan during Board examinations so that the momentum is not broken. Above all, it is necessary to stick to the timetable and routine to help make a way through the exam.

Fourthly, constant practice is necessary. Working on the concepts and writing mock tests based on the exam pattern is critical and will help in understanding the strengths and weak areas. Through this strategy, the students can arrive at a conclusion so that they can work more on their weaker areas and focus less on their areas of strength.

Fifthly, it is necessary to remain motivated to conquer an entrance exam. Students must keep reminding themselves about the outcomes of this examination if they succeed in this and how this will shape their dreams and career. Students are also advised to seek guidance and connect with experts if required.

The final key tip is to revise all the important topics in a systematic manner. Students must identify all the topics that must be focused on again and make a strategic plan to cover all those topics.  Revision of difficult topics must be prioritized and then students must go for mock papers that will help in managing their time.

Students are also advised to go through model question papers and previous year\’s papers and find out the important topics and understand the pattern of the paper. However, it is also necessary to revise the topics of strength before the day of the examination.

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