Government plans to restrict enrollments of foreign students

Government plans to restrict enrollments of foreign students
  • The government has planned to stop enrolling international students for which Primary School Principals have opposed the decision. Before the pandemic, nearly 5000 foreign students were enrolled in 320 primary and intermediate schools.
  • Schools state that this proposal does not make sense and comes at a stage when foreign families are lining up to enrol their children after the reopening of borders.
  • The education ministry consultation document stated that enrollment of children should be restricted before nine years as it is adding pressure on the housing market and teacher supply and could distract schools from focusing on Kiwi kids.
  • However, principals state that about 30 foreign students were enrolled from each class and that helped Kiwi students gain a greater insight into other cultures which reduced the work of the teachers.
  • Principals also state that the revenue collected from the international students are used to support New Zealand Domestic students education and that the reasons given to stop enrollments are not valid. Foreign fees were used to buy digital devices for classes and for property enhancement.
  • The Chief Executive of Schools International Education Business Association demanded to quickly resolve this issue as it makes the country seem to be closed and that it is not welcoming young international students.

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