Finland partners with Kerala in the Education Sector

Finland partners with Kerala in the Education Sector

Finland and Kerala will partner in the area of general and higher education.

Finland will partner with Kerala in the area of pre-primary education and care, imparting science and maths education, an exchange programme for teacher training, technical education and the grading system for student evaluation.

Academic links will also be established by the academic and research institutions in Finland and Kerala. The Kerala delegation is in Finland for discussions. The discussions will continue at the official level. Thus, a time-bound framework would be evolved.

The Kerala delegation explained their desire to learn about the best of the Finnish model of education. India is one of Finland\’s key partners for cooperation in the area of education. In order to take the talks forward, an academic expert has been specially appointed by Finland in New Delhi.

The research institutions in the area of education in Kerala will participate in discussions with academic organisations in Finland. Moreover, Kerala will assist Finland in establishing Student IT Clubs similar to the Little Kites’ IT Clubs in Kerala, to support ICT-enabled education in the State schools.

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