Financial Management – Best career options

Financial Management - Best career options

This article comprises a list of the best career opportunities that can be utilized by financial management students in India.

The choice of a career has a long-term impact on one\’s life. Choosing a career path is difficult as there is very less exposure to the real world. Thus, it is necessary to make the choice with prudence. Students who choose finance as their specialisation have many opportunities.

Finance is a preferred choice as this sector has tremendously boomed in recent times at both the national and international levels. A career in finance is socially respected which is performance based on faster career growth.

Financial inclusion and technological advancements have broadened the resources of the financial system. This has created a lot of opportunities for professionals. The growth of the financial sector is nearly 8.5% per year at present nationally which has resulted in new ventures for MBA students.


Every corporate entity has a finance department. This performs all the finance functions. These functions provide jobs in areas such as Accounting, auditing, taxation, finance control and budgeting. A professional who possesses good analytical skills and skills in financial modelling can pursue a career in corporate finance.


Fintech is the use of modern technology in financial functions. There is a huge demand for professionals in this sector due to the amalgamation of finance with technology. The career opportunities include job roles in cognitive technology, blockchain, payment gateway experts and robotic process automation.


The role is to conduct research and valuations to assess and suggest investment opportunities and execute finance deals. Implementation of long and short-term financial plans and recognition of new business opportunities are some of the roles. In order to evaluate the level of risk, the candidate will be examining financial transactions as well as the credit history of the prospective clients.


The insurance sector provides various roles such as analysts and actuaries to marketers and data scientists. Understanding new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning has become a necessity in this sector due to the advent of technology. Opportunities are given to actuaries, advisors, customer service representatives, marketing specialists and human resource professionals.


Finance professionals have a wide scope in banking services such as SME lending, corporate lending, agricultural lending, foreign exchange management and microfinance. The banking sector has a wide range of financial services in modern banking. A career can be made in business development, treasury operations of banks, risk management and marketing of banking services.


The financial analyst provides a career in forecasting future revenues and expenditures. It also provides modelling capital structure and budgeting. A financial analyst must keep track of a company\’s financial plan.

Wealth managers consult their clients to learn about risk tolerance, financial goals and current asset allocation. Roles such as financial planning, preservation and generation of wealth and investment management are available.

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