Fast-Track Skilled Immigrants Visa Applications – Australia

Fast-Track Skilled Immigrants Visa Applications - Australia

It will be made easy for global corporations to bring their brightest and best employees to the country by the Australian Government. It is an important notion that deserves serious attention according to Immigration Minister. Therefore, by next year a new scheme may be established.

A new proposal is intended to be adopted by the Australian government. This will make it easier for corporations worldwide to bring highly trained workers inside the country. The Australian Committee for Economic Development supports streamlining this process according to an SBS report. This will be done for intra-company transfers.

Therefore, Australia will be assisted in filling labour shortage gaps through such proposed measures in a variety of industries. Also, the Chief Economist of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia emphasized that the UK and the US have clear ways for international corporations to bring in talents from around the globe into those nations. This will happen in a streamlined and timely manner.

A total of 116,000 L1 visas or intracompany visas were granted by the authorities in the United States in 2021. However, the figures were higher substantially before the emergence of the pandemic as well as its new forms. Moreover, Covid-related limitations also paved a way for the decline in the number of visas.

Implementing a comparable strategy would allow for more investment in Australia. Moreover, multinational, large corporations are often trusted users of the system of visa. They generally allow knowledge transfer across their workforce and allow a fair amount of foreign investment.


In Australia, the L1 non-immigrant visa allows the transfer of certain employees by foreign corporations to a US branch, subsidiary, parent or affiliate company. Moreover, international corporations are allowed to move a manager, employee or executive with a specified experience to a company in the United States.

Furthermore, the Minister of Multicultural Affairs and the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Migrant Services directed the Department of Home Affairs of the country to fast-track the visa applications. This is in response to the scarcity of skilled immigrants.

Also, it was stated by the Minister that the community and the previous government together had been concerned for several years. This was due to the significant delays in the processing of visa applications. Winny Immigration released a report. It stated that the processing of outstanding visa applications is the top priority for the government of Australia.


The country has committed itself to process the applications for visas in a timely manner. Moreover, the most common jobs that were issued by the Australian authorities for temporary skilled visas during July and September 2022 were ICT business analysts, software engineers, cooks, resident medical officers and developer programmers.

The migration system of Australia has been thoroughly examined. This will determine whether the system complements the skills and capacities of Australian workers and serve the national interest. The deadline for submitting the discussion paper is December 15, 2022.

By the end of February, the experts will present an interim report. Moreover, by late March or April, a comprehensive strategy will be formulated. Also, for the temporary skilled visa system, an intra-company scheme would help the government in exploring the idea of applying salary thresholds.

Australia also hosts various colleges with good abroad programs along with imparting skill-based training to the students. Such students can be inducted into various companies that offer the best job opportunities and high scale of pay.

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