Everything you need to know about SAT scholarships

Everything you need to know about SAT scholarships

Students who are planning to pursue undergraduate studies abroad are highly recommended to appear for SAT examination as this exam gives an edge to the application and makes them eligible for various SAT scholarships to fund their studies.

The cost of studying abroad is high but all the expenses can be easily managed with the right planning and preparation. SAT scholarships are usually merit-based or need-based that do not require repayment.

SAT examinations are conducted and managed by the College Board which offers a platform for Indian educational institutions to connect with various world-class international universities. Provisions are given for all the participating universities to offer valuable SAT scholarships to support meritorious and needy students.

The Scholarship is based on SAT examination scores and the minimum score for a scholarship grant is 1200 to 1600. However, this may vary according to the universities and visiting the university website is recommended to get the exact information.

There are various types of SAT scholarships which can be applied for based on the eligibility criteria, abilities and skillsets. Some of the popular SAT scholarships are discussed in this article.

An academic scholarship or SAT merit scholarship is provided by taking into account the overall school grades, SAT scores, etc. In order to be eligible for SAT merit scholarship, good and consistent scores are necessary.

Need-Based Scholarships are awarded to students who come from a low-income background and are meritorious. This scholarship fulfils the financial need of the students to ensure equal opportunities for all and helps them opt for further studies.

Athletic Scholarships are provided for students who excel in sports. These types of scholarships are common in countries such as the UK and the USA where the respective universities observe the performance of the students at the school level by sending scouts.

SAT also offers different identity-based scholarships for minorities who lag socially and economically. This scholarship is provided based on various factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, etc.

SAT military scholarships are offered for students who hail from a military family, veterans, service members, etc., as a token of gratitude for their services to the country.

For Indian students, the first criteria to apply for a SAT scholarship is to receive admission from a university and thus, securing good scores is necessary to get selected by a college or university abroad. Also, the candidates must possess all the original documents and must fulfil age, class, identity, community and other criteria set up by the SAT scholarship provider.

The candidates who wish to avail of SAT scholarship must possess the documents which include educational transcripts, a complete SAT scholarship application form, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, SAT scores, Resume, Letter of acceptance from the concerned university/college, passport size photographs, valid passport and student visa.

The procedure to apply for SAT scholarships is very simple and easy. First, the candidate must appear for SAT examination and secure a high score. Then, the candidate must shortlist the colleges and send all the application details along with the SAT score.

If the candidate receives the acceptance letter, he/she must check for the availability of SAT scholarships on their official website which a link will also be provided. The candidate must follow the instructions and complete the application process and will until he/she hears from the concerned authorities.

It is necessary to remember that all the SAT scholarships of respective colleges and universities have individual requirements and the exact information must be gathered from the official university websites immediately after completing the admission process.

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