Everything you need to know about Chandra Kamal Bezbaruah College

  • Chandra Kamal Bezbarua College was established in 1959 at Jogduar, Teok, in the Jorhat district of Assam and is affiliated with the Dibrugarh University. The term “teok” is derived from the Tai language meaning “milk and ghee”.
  • Most of the population in and around the college belongs to the Scheduled Castes and the Plain Tribe of the missionary community. The college is very firm in spreading the awareness of education amongst these communities and makes education an effortless and affordable commodity to the common man! The motto of the college is to make education affordable to the needy and poorer sections of the society. 


  • The college has 8 working departments of Assamese, English, Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Sociology and Commerce. The faculty is very harmonious with its students and wishes to see all its students reach the zenith of their development.
  • Chandra Kamal Bezbarua college offers a 2 year higher secondary/intermediate course, under graduation courses in arts and commerce including a few distance and open learning courses under Gauhati University. It also has a Study Centre of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University which provides a few post-graduate and graduate programs.

So, the courses offered by the college include-

  1. BA, CBCS
  3. Higher Secondary/intermediate in arts and commerce 
  4. Open learning courses under Guwahati University. includes master’s degree and diploma courses. 
  5. Runs a study center for postgraduate and graduate programs
  6. Self-financing Vocational courses

Scholarships :

  • Scholarships are awarded by the state and central government to the meritorious students belonging to SC/ST/OBC.
  • A Students Welfare Fund is formed by the teachers to support the meritorious students in need.
  • Financial help from UGC funds is also provided to the students below the poverty line and those that are physically handicapped.  


A large portion of the students from Chandra Kamal Bezbarua College do internships with well-known companies each year. The placements are pretty good, provided you have a good academic record. The college also conducts active workshops and other extracurricular activities to broaden a student’s knowledge and experience beyond the academic horizons. 


  • Special privileges such as cancellation of all academic fees are given to the meritorious but poor sections belonging to the tea tribe.
  • Specials classes are arranged for disadvantaged students. They too are not bound to pay the college academic fees. 


  • The campus of Chandra Kamal Bezbarua College is quite big within campus hostel accommodations available. The college provides hostel facilities to 50 girls and 10 boys in separate hostels. There is also a student’s day home for indoor games and other extracurricular activities. There is also a canteen available with pure drinking water facilities. The library is equipped with 15000 books. The Chandra Kamal Bezbarua college also has an internet facility with two TV sets with VCR and an Over Head Projector.  


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