Everything you need to know about BA Foreign Language

Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language is a three-year undergraduate degree program. The course allows students to explore the history, language, and culture of different societies of the world. If you are someone who has the passion to explore the evolution of different societies and languages over time, then this course is the perfect option for you.


Candidates from the Science, Commerce, and Arts streams can pursue this BA Foreign Language course as their undergraduate degree after completing their 10+2 level. 


Some of the major subjects included under the BA Foreign Language course are listed below:

English Language Usage Essentials, Introduction to Communication Skills, World Literature and European Cultural History, French and Spanish Media Studies, History of France/ Spain/ Germany/ China, Foreign Business Language, etc.


Courses to pursue after completing BA Foreign Language:

  • MBA
  • Master of Arts
  • Ph.D.


Popular job opportunities with a BSC Foreign Language:

Job PositionAverage Annual Fee
Foreign Language Instructor2 Lac to 4Lac
Translator4lac to 6Lac
Content Editor3 Lac to 5Lac


Language is the media that allows the world to communicate and connect, despite the difference in our ethnicity, culture, and way of living. As a BA Foreign Language graduate, you get to excel in different languages and cultures and be the bridge that unites different customs and societies throughout the world. 

A Foreign Language graduate also has a high demand in the corporate world. With the increasing Globalization, the need for communication has become an indispensable part. This means that MNCs and multilateral organizations need language experts to help companies from different countries communicate with each other.

Besides, being multilingual is a pretty attractive quality as you get to speak in different tongues, and you can explore various societies and customs from up-close. Top recruitments in this field occur in industries such a Tourism, Embassies, Diplomatic service, Entertainment, Public relation and mass communication, international organizations, Publishing, Interpretation, and much more.

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