Entrances necessary from next year for admission to Delhi University

Entrances necessary from next year for admission to Delhi University
  • Undergraduate admission courses in Delhi University are going to be on an entrance basis from next year. A committee has been formed by the administration that took the decision that the admission from next year onwards to all undergraduate courses will be done after taking a central entrance exam. No clear guidelines have been issued related to the 12th marks weightage. Further details and information would be provided on December 8 when the committee will present the report in front of the admission council
  • Since COLLZY has admitted over 200 students to the University Of Delhi in this session, our team observed skyrocketing cut-offs resulting in rejections for a lot of sincere students who under some circumstances couldn’t perform in their board’s examinations. This observed 100% cut-off also results in building immense pressure on forthcoming students wanting to seek admissions in DU. There could be two measures to handle such high cut-offs, either establish better institutions/colleges or bring a common parameter of scoring and judging all students who wish to seek admission in DU. The research panel at COLLZY reassures that an entrance-based examination will kill two birds with one stone. Entrances will reduce the overall pressure a class 12th student has and remove the built-up psychological pressure. At the same time, Entrance will bring all students under a single umbrella which will push away the state-wise bias in merit lists.
  • We are hopeful that in some way or the other this issue of cutoffs reaching par sky will be resolved and all students would be scored in a standard way.

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