Education Trade Mission to India – The United States

Education Trade Mission to India - The United States

The US sends an education trade mission to India to identify and promote opportunities for collaborations between institutes of higher education.

The Commerce Department of the United States is leading an education trade mission to Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru. This initiative is taken to identify and promote opportunities for collaboration between Institutes of Higher Education in India and America.

The delegation includes 21 American higher education institutions from 15 states. The delegation includes three education technology and service providers to bring their world-class capabilities to India. Education is a key pillar of US-India cooperation.

So far in 2022, US missions in India have issued 82,000 student visas which is the highest when compared to other countries. The National Education Policy 2020 has outlined a plan to extend India\’s higher education system. It also aims to expand research, experiential learning and internationalization of curricula.

As US institutions have ample experience and best practices in these areas, they will help to support India in achieving its education goals. This trade mission will explore new partnerships in education. It will also strengthen the growing higher education ties between India and US.

The members of the delegation will have an opportunity to hold specialized meetings with higher education institutions, Student recruiting agencies and other stakeholders. They will be able to directly hear from Indian education and students.

The Delegation will also meet leaders of the state and central government, education regulators and business executives. They will hear their perspectives on the partnership with US educational institutions to boost India\’s economy.

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