Dutch Universities to admit fewer international students

Dutch Universities to admit fewer international students
  • Higher Education Institutions in the Netherlands wants to admit fewer international students as the quality of education is being threatened and the workload is more difficult to manage. However, the minister of education pointed out that international students can add value to Dutch education.
  • The Chairman of the University of Netherlands stated that they are in need of reducing the workload and putting the basics in order. The politicians are also being asked to quickly provide additional options so that the universities can control international students numbers as the student numbers will continue to rise in the coming years.
  • Thus, the UNL is planning to fix the number of students admitted within a study program, set a maximum number of students from third countries within a study program and use an emergency cap if the number of registrations is rising.
  • The number of students enrolled in Dutch Universities surged by four per cent in 2021 reaching a total of 340,346 and 80,000 more international students have registered for the 2021/2022 academic year marking a 14.2% increase.
  • Also, the number of study visa applications from third-country students reached 15,110 by the end of July 2021 compared to 2020. More applications to the UNL arrive from students in China, India, Turkey, Indonesia and the United States of America.

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