DU-VC: Protesting students growing unnecessarily impatient

DU-VC: Protesting students growing unnecessarily impatient
  • The Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University said that the University would reopen after analyzing the level of preparation. He stated that the protesting students were becoming unnecessarily impatient and for reopening the college many factors are to be considered.
  • The issue will be considered in the Academic Council meeting scheduled today and this meeting is mainly held to discuss the undergraduate curriculum framework. Jawaharlal Nehru University and Ambedkar University Delhi have already announced 100% reopening.
  • However, DU is yet to analyze the situation and work on the modalities and preparedness in various colleges of the university. The vice-chancellor also stated that DU must not be compared to JNU as their completely different structures and the strength of JNU is only the strength of one DU college.
  • The main issue DU is facing at the moment is hostel preparedness along with sanitization of classrooms and cleaning of furniture. DU will be issuing a notice 7-10 days before reopening the campus and 65% of the students are from outside.

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