DU reacts to V-C’s proposal of extending teaching hours

DU reacts to V-C’s proposal of extending teaching hours

Students believe that security will be a big issue for people who are travelling from the National Capital Region if the teaching hours are extended. However, the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University believes that extending the teaching hours will help in accommodating more candidates. Students have also opposed this decision due to a lack of time for hobbies, extra-curricular activities, etc.

The Delhi University Vice Chancellor stated that the university is planning to extend teaching hours from 8 am to 8 pm in its colleges. This was proposed to expand the number of seats. However, the faculty members and the students have objected to this proposal.

Khushi Sharma

Kushi Sharma pursuing a BCom (Hons), first year in Sri Ram College of Commerce stated that she understands the responsibility of accommodating students. Moreover, the only way to accommodate more students is by making the best use of the existing infrastructure.

However, as the colleges have been constructed 40-50 years ago, the extension of space has not been enough. This is because, during the time of construction, the student intake was much less. Thus, in order to accommodate more students, an extension can be done and a good teaching and learning experience can be offered.

The logistics and practical ways of doing it must be looked into thoroughly. Also, the right amount of faculty is not available currently. Therefore, Human resources can be increased and people must work for the stipulated hours. However, infrastructure limitations are much more necessary to be looked into.

Devansh Singh Solanki

Devansh Singh Solanki is pursuing a five-year integrated programme in Journalism. He is in his third year at the Delhi School of Journalism. He stated that his timetable was hectic with only 5-6 classes every day along with tutorials and labs.

Moreover, seven subjects must be completed in the span of three months. Also, the students must take part in many other things that the college offers such as societies and fests. Therefore, if the college hours are extended, it would be very much exhausting.

Moreover, Devansh lives in Faridabad and travels two hours to reach home from campus. Therefore, he prefers reaching home before dusk. This will not be possible if the teaching hours are extended. DU can consider adding more colleges to expand the number of seats. This is because accommodating many students in one college would render the learning environment more difficult.

Bhavika Srivastava

Bhavika Srivastava is pursuing a first-year BSc (Hons) in Computer Science at Indraprastha College for Women. She stated that even though the idea is expedient, implementation and utilisation of resources to the optimum level must be the key focus.

Delhi University has been functioning with understaffing. Therefore, increasing the burden might not help the cause. Accommodating more students may be a noble idea but not a feasible option at the moment. A large number of teachers working on an ad-hoc basis are known for their quality, wit and expertise.


Navya is pursuing a second-year BA (Hons) in Political Science at Lakshmibai College. She stated that if the same students are made to study, it will be a tiresome experience for them. Moreover, the teachers will not be able to educate with the same efficiency and interest.

Therefore, Delhi University must work on dividing the students into two slots. They can have a morning shift from 8 am to 2 pm for some courses and an evening shift from 2 pm to 8 pm. Therefore, teachers will also find it easier. The arrangements must not exceed the bearable time of teachers and students. Accordingly, the staff must also be divided.

Tisha Khandelwal

Tisha Khandelwal is pursuing a second-year BA (Hons) in English at Lakshmibai College. She stated that this was a very selfish motive as the convenience of students is being unconsidered. Many students travel long distances to attend their classes.

Thus, making them go on over a period of 12 hours will not be feasible. Moreover, all students are not privileged enough to attend classes for such long hours. Also, more than 50 per cent of the strength is of girl students. Therefore, it is unsafe for them to travel that late.

This will cause a lot of inconvenience and problems for the students. DU can increase the number of colleges to increase the number of seats or promote evening colleges.


Students will not be able to pursue their hobbies, take up extra courses or balance internships if the time is increased. Many students who travel a long distance will not have any motivation to attend college. Therefore, the number of evening schools can be increased.

Also, new infrastructure can be built to accommodate the students in order to increase the number of seats. However, if the seats get increased, it can dilute the academically rich background that is promised by Delhi University.

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