Diploma course to pursue at Delhi University

A diploma course is a program for 1-2 years, and it offers a very centered understanding of the field of your choice. The academic curriculum of the diploma course focuses on improving your practical & professional skillsets. These diploma courses are offered by vocational schools and colleges or community colleges. 


Delhi University has several colleges affiliated with it which offer admission to these diploma courses either on a merit or entrance basis. Candidates need to have a minimum 10th standard or 10+2 level qualification to be eligible for a Diploma course at the University of Delhi. 


Check out some of the lists of diploma courses that you can pursue at the prestigious University of Delhi. 

  • Certificate/Diploma in Foreign Language
  • Diploma in the Bulgarian Language
  • Diploma in the Croatian Language
  • Diploma in the Czech Language
  • Diploma in D.A.
  • Diploma in D.C.H.
  • Diploma in D.G.O.
  • Diploma in D.L.O.
  • Diploma in D.M.R.D.
  • Diploma in D.O.
  • Diploma in Foreign Language Education
  • Diploma in the French Language
  • Diploma in the German Language
  • Diploma in the Hungarian Language
  • Diploma in Italian
  • Diploma in Modern Arabic
  • Diploma in Pali Language & Literature
  • Diploma in Persian
  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Diploma in the Polish Language
  • Diploma in Punjabi
  • Diploma in the Russian language
  • Diploma course in Sanskrit
  • Diploma in the Spanish Language
  • Diploma Course in the Swahili Language
  • Diploma in Tibetan Language & Literature

Advantages of pursuing a diploma course:

It is cost and time-effective and allows one to gain a valuable set of practical skills which shall help them out in securing a job after graduation. A Candidate can also pursue a diploma course directly after passing the 10th standard or equivalent examination from a recognized institution. 

Disadvantages of pursuing a diploma course:

The only disadvantage of pursuing a diploma course is that the salary package and job opportunities are slightly less in comparison to those candidates with an undergraduate degree. However, you can still pursue higher education in your once you have gained financial stability in life.

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