Demand for global education – $35.8-billion industry by 2025

Demand for global education - $35.8-billion industry by 2025
  • Global higher education is estimated to become a $35.8-billion industry by 2025. Meanwhile, UAE’s cabinet continues to commit to education with a federal budget of $9.6 billion allocated to the industry in 2021.
  • The annual GETEX exhibition has been a key factor in pushing UAE’s ambitious education agenda by bringing in top-quality education providers from around the world to recruit students from the region as well as to comprehend UAE’s ambitious education infrastructure.
  • The mission is to make quality education accessible to students in the region along with giving education institutions a mass-scale platform to fulfil student enrolment quotas consistently.
  • Visitors to GETEX will have the opportunity to research and compare course intake criteria, quality of faculty, campus features as well as enquire about various other scholarships, grants and financial aid programs that are on offer.
  • Students are also given the opportunity to explore pathway courses and professional degrees various streams for all possible study levels including undergraduate programs, masters and doctorate programs, etc.
  • GETEX will incorporate 25 regional and international boarding schools from the UAE, USA, Canada, UK and India to offer quality K-12 education and parents visiting GETEX will have the opportunity to enrol their children into highly reputable day-scholar and boarding schools.
  • Students may also attend seminars to offer insights on studying overseas on topics such as Introduction to US Boarding Schools, Study Opportunities in Germany, Applying to Art and Design Colleges in the USA and Get to know a Bahrain School and Dorm. GETEX will help in finding the right school or college as it is one of the most important decisions that any household makes.

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