Delhi University to Introduce Common Entrance Test

Delhi University to Introduce Common Entrance Test
  • The Academic Council of Delhi University is planning to introduce the Common Entrance Test for admissions to various undergraduate courses from the coming academic year that is waiting for approval from the Executive Council.
  • The Committee proposed this idea of Entrance exam-based admission after examining the issue of over-admission, under-admission and the issue of board-wise distribution of admissions across courses.
  • It is seen that various boards allocate marks in a different manner and that neither cut-off-based admissions nor admissions through normalization of marks provide maximum objectivity in admissions.
  • Some members of the committee objected to the idea of entrance tests as this may become an extra burden for the students to carry and may not allow shifting of streams which is allowed under the cut-off-based system. Also, this system will be disadvantageous to marginalized backgrounds as many coaching centres may start growing in this regard.
  • Moreover, three B.Tech. courses were proposed for which many members objected as there will be a requirement of special labs and thus high investment and grants. Also, objections were raised to the proposal of the introduction of the Institute of NanoMedicine.
  • The introduction of the Common Entrance Test is definitely a need today. But, schools must work on coaching the students from underprivileged backgrounds so that they may be able to undertake the test in better spirits.

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