Delhi University to hit a century – New changes to witness

The Delhi University will complete a century next year and two big changes will be witnessed. The three-year Undergraduate program will be converted into a four-year UG course and admissions will be through entrance examinations only.

Preparations are taking place for the four years UG courses and the colleges and departments have been asked to make the workload according to the syllabus of the four-year course. A credit system of 184-164 was proposed but the teachers opposed this idea stating that the workload will become less and many ad-hoc teachers will be removed.

The FYUP has been approved by the Academic and Executive council of DU and will be implemented from 2022-2023. Students are given the provision to come back and complete the studies if discontinued in the middle.

Teachers are protesting due to the fact that the quality of education will be affected and the need for teachers will decrease. Due to the decrease in the teacher-student ratio, the classroom teaching environment will be lost and as the credits for subjects are being reduced, the ad-hoc teachers will be removed.

The implementation of FYUP was also opposed during the year 2013-2014 by the teachers\’ organization. However, the vice-chancellor has demanded that the teachers must be regularized before changing the curriculum. One of the adverse effects is that there will be a change in the overall workload of various subjects in Undergraduate colleges.

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