Delhi University To Create Cluster Colleges

Delhi University To Create Cluster Colleges

The university said that DU colleges will be grouped under five different cluster colleges.

The University of Delhi will create cluster colleges this year. It will operate as knowledge networks. National Education Policy 2020 is implemented by the university through the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework 2022.

This will provide flexibility to the students to choose the courses in accordance with their interests. The university will form cluster colleges who will together share their resources among each other. The clusters will be based on the geographical location. Thus, students will be provided with more choices. They will also be able to overcome the resource constrains and limitations.

There will be grouping of the DU colleges under five different cluster colleges on the basis of their geographical locations. Each cluster colleges will operate as Knowledge Networks. A nodal college will be present within a cluster. It will act as the nodal point for coordination with the colleges within the said cluster and the university. This will help in the smooth implementation of the NEP.

The nodal college will coordinate with the other colleges in the cluster. This will ensure effective and smooth networking for sharing of resources. One nodal faculty in each college will be present to coordinate with the nodal college in a cluster.

The coordinators will coordinate with the nodal faculties in the cluster to constitute three working groups. They constitute Value Addition Courses Working Group, Skill Enhancement Courses Working Group and Ability Enhancement Courses Working Group.

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