Delhi University – Opportunities and Challenges in NEP

  • The new vice-chancellor of the Delhi University has proposed new ideas that would take the University to great heights and has appointed a new team. The introduction of NEP would make the university commensurate with international standards and be a coming-of-age step.
  • The first announcement made by the VC was the implementation of NEP and admissions through entrance exams which is already approved by statutory bodies. DU can opt for Central University Common Entrance Test or have its own.
  • However, it would be better for the DU to start its own entrance exam with the Common Aptitude Test in areas such as pure sciences, mathematical sciences, social sciences, languages, commerce and management.  
  • Students can be enrolled in a program in one college but take up a course in a different college as per the NEP based on merit or a first-come-first-serve basis. This will help the students in achieving holistic growth and thus, the varsity can leverage the academic bank of credit proposed in the NEP.
  • The University must also work on providing tech-driven education and every college must have a model audio-visual classroom. The lectures can be recorded by the teachers and later uploaded to the university’s site or their YouTube channels giving the students the right mix of virtual and physical classroom experience.
  • The NEP also emphasizes research and DU must work hard to excel in this area. Students must be developed to have an inclination towards research and bring up innovations that solve real-world issues so that they are prepared for better job markets and their problem-solving skills are improved.
  • As the UG courses are stretched for four years, students are provided with an entry and exit option so that they can resume from where they left the course. The research component is introduced at the UG level to develop the right mindset for the students to take up research in their future studies.
  • Fee payment must not be a burden among the students and those who wish to add another year to their UG must be provided with financial aid. Scholarships and Freeships must be provided to the socio-economically disadvantaged groups.
  • College infrastructure must be upgraded in line with the NEP along with a healthy student-teacher ratio. The university is currently under the process of recruiting permanent faculty and the backlog that was created by ineffective leadership of the last five years will require special efforts in completing the recruitments.
  • Delhi University is the best platform to experiment and understand how to effectively implement NEP due to the large network of constituent colleges. It can also serve as a model for all the universities across the country on NEP implementation and provide the biggest opportunity for growth.

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