Delhi Government to launch Schools of Specialized Excellence

The Delhi Government has announced that thirty government schools from Delhi will be affiliated to the Delhi Board of School Education in the academic year 2021-2022. Among the 30 schools, 10 schools will be general schools and 20 will be schools of specialized excellence.

The Schools of Specialized Excellence will be launched for the students of Classes 9 to 12 who are interested in various subjects by August 15 in the city. However, the general schools will be those from nursery to class 8.

The Schools of Specialized Excellence will cater to the students who have special aptitudes and interests in specific domains from Classes 9 to 12. Among the 20 schools, 8 schools will specialize in STEM, five schools will specialize in High-end 21st-century skills, five schools will specialize in humanities and two schools will specialize in performing and visual arts.

The admissions for these schools will be offered at 9th grade in all the schools. However, in STEM schools, admission will also be offered in 11th grade. The students seeking admissions must take up an aptitude test. These schools will enable the students to gain an excellent learning opportunity in their area of interest and help them join the best institution of higher education. 

The plan is extended to a second phase where nearly 100 schools will be launched and will include all the four domains in every educational zone in Delhi, thus, providing access to the children in all parts of Delhi.

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