Dartmouth – Need-blind admissions to international students

Dartmouth – Need-blind admissions to international students
  • Dartmouth College had recently announced need-blind admissions, i.e., admissions without considering students ability to pay for international undergraduate students. Dartmouth joins other universities including Harvard, Princeton and Yale.
  • Many colleges in the US offer need-blind admissions but only six of them offer it to international students. Need-blind admissions were offered by Dartmouth college previously but it changed the policy after it became too costly.
  • The policy is again reestablished as a person gave USD 40 million as a gift and the university is working to establish a USD 90 million fund to pay for need-blind admissions for international students. The high cost of higher education in the US is a significant challenge for international students and mainly for those who hail from low-income countries.
  • More interest is expected to be received from international students due to this change and students who are currently applying may go for free if they can prove that their family cannot pay. The College stated that this change is not to bring more international students but to provide equal opportunity for the students around the world.
  • Up to 10 per cent of the undergraduate population in Dartmouth is from international students and the current cost to study at Dartmouth is USD 75000. Other Universities may also bring in this change slowly which would serve as a refreshing change for the better.

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