Cybersecurity and the education sector

Cybersecurity and the education sector

Students from streams other than Science are deprived of the basic knowledge of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity remains an area of concern and cyber attacks can be distinguishable in the education sector under three sections. These include tampering with study materials, risks in financial transactions and defamation of institutions by mishandling personal data.

A 2021 report by NordVPN revealed that India failed the cybersecurity literacy test with 51.2 points out of 100. This is 14 points below the global average. However, the country scored 57.6% in theoretical cybersecurity knowledge.

It is now time to take the security of the digital world seriously. Cybersecurity is necessary to maintain privacy. Universities and institutions must come forward to impart awareness of cybersecurity. Cyber threats will be increasing with the intense use of artificial intelligence.

Why Cybersecurity is Undermined?

The reason for the lack of knowledge of cybersecurity is that these courses are not taught widely at the school level. Here, streams are divided and the students who pursue any stream other than science are deprived of knowledge of cybersecurity.

Details of cybersecurity are taught at the theoretical level at the university. However, basics such as computer literacy, cyber threats and ethical hacking must be taught at the school level. Data security is the major concern as access is provided to Internet service providers as well as the government.

Knowledge, awareness, and strong control are necessary. In this era, personal information has commercial values too. Thus, they must be protected at the individual level. Also, many research institutions have intellectual properties, which are accessed for monetary purposes illegally.

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