CUET students can access 10 more Exact Mock Papers

CUET students can access 10 more Exact Mock Papers

The National Testing Agency re-uploaded Official Mock Tests on their official website on June 25, 2022 which found 61,000 logins to access these official papers within two days. A resource material has also been updated which provides 10 more practice papers to the students.

These practice papers are following the exact paper pattern along with the difficulty of questions and a new type of MCQs that are given in the CUET Mock Test papers. Students have been getting largely serious about the CUET exams as the date sheets have been released and students must take full advantage of these extra practice papers of CUET to make sure that they cover all new types of MCQs in these last 15 days.

The MCQs that are newly introduced by the NTA are Assertion-Reasoning MCQ (correct statements combination type), Case-based (having 5 MCQ inside each case study for domain subjects), Match the following MCQs and Table-data based MCQs.

These extra papers have also included the Official CUET Mock Tests along with these new types of MCQs. These mock tests of CUET have uploaded randomly one and a half months ago on the National Testing Agency website but were removed shortly after for some reason.

More than a million candidates have applied for over 60,000 subject combinations for the first-ever CUET examination that is to be held between July 15 and August 10 this year. This is a feasible opportunity to use the materials to ace the chances of cracking CUET with ease.

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