CUET Exam – Importance for Class 12 Students

CUET Exam - Importance for Class 12 Students

The Application form for CUET will be issued on the first week of February 2023 and is expected to end in the fourth week of March 2023. Students who wish to take up the CUET examination will have to start their preparations as early as possible from when they are pursuing class 12.

The CUET Exam 2023 or Common University Entrance Test is an entrance test conducted to analyse the capability of students to get admission to Undergraduate programs offered by 45 well-reputed Central Universities in India. 

The Application form for CUET will be issued on the first week of February 2023 and is expected to end in the fourth week of March 2023. Students who wish to take up the CUET examination will have to start their preparations as early as possible from when they are pursuing class 12.

If not, they will not get enough time for preparation after the end of their board exam. The syllabus of CUET 2023 is not as difficult as JEE Mains 2023. This examination can easily be cracked by the students if they have the potential and willpower to do so.

They must also be thorough on the basic science concepts and be clear with them. Students who are interested to take up the exam can refer to the CUET syllabus for more details. Students need not fear and become nervous about the syllabus as it is not very difficult to grasp. 

CUET Exam – Importance for Class 12 Students

It has been observed in the last few years that the cut-offs were becoming very high for getting admission to well-recognized central universities. Many students were not able to get admission to well-reputed universities, due to the skyrocketing cutoffs including Delhi University, to study undergraduate courses.

When the situation was clearly researched, it has been revealed that different boards such as the Central Board of Secondary Education, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and West Bengal Board follow different evaluation patterns. 

This situation, as a result, does not give equal opportunities to all the students to apply to these universities as some boards offer lower marks to their students. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, a common entrance examination called CUET Exam was introduced.

A common merit list will be prepared by the National Testing Agency after the CUET 2023 results are out. Students will get admission on the basis of the cutoff. The main aim of this entrance exam is to give a platform that will offer equal opportunities to all students across India.

This will be irrespective of the students\’ Class 12 board exam marks, gender and religion. Above all, students from rural areas will also be getting equal opportunities to apply to central universities for their undergraduate programs if they qualify for the entrance test.

The eligibility criteria for the students belonging to the general category is to score at least 50 per cent in the Class 12 board examination. Only with this criterion, students fill the application form for the CUET examination.  

The CUET examination helps science students to improve their careers and thus, taking up this examination is considered very important. Below are a few points that highlight the importance of CUET examination.

Equal and Fair opportunities for every student

In the modern era, students dream about entering well-reputed universities in order to pursue the courses they desire. However, out of a large number of students, only a very few students succeed in studying in the college they desire and prefer.

Students do not get equal opportunities due to the low marks that they have secured in Class 12 boards. They are unable to choose their preferred university and degree course. Due to the high priority on Class 12 board examination marks, they get easily demotivated.

Thus the Common University Entrance Test was introduced by the Ministry of Education to motivate the students. Fair chances are provided for all the students through this type of entrance exam to perform well in the exam. They also get the chance to get admitted to the best universities.

Elimination of Subjective Bias through CUET examination

A student who wants to study Physics or Chemistry honours but has secured low marks in the subjects of Physics and Chemistry in Class 12 may face a lot of difficulties getting admission to reputed universities.

Until now, the only criteria for admission to undergraduate courses in central universities was the Class 12 marks. For admissions to certain degree courses, students with low marks have been denied admission. Thus, in order to combat subjective bias, the CUET Exams have been introduced.

Thus, the Common University Entrance Test aims to protect the interest of the students by reducing subjective bias. A second opportunity is provided to the Class 12 students through the CUET entrance examination.

Qualifying for the entrance exam will enable them to prove themselves that they are worth entering central universities to pursue their desired degree. If the student has the desired potential, they can give the exam and secure good marks. Even if the students have secured lower marks in the board examination, they will be enabled to pursue higher degree courses of their choice. 

A clear idea of the ranks and position of the students

The ranks of the students were not revealed in the exams conducted in the previous years. The rank of the students was not published even by major central universities like Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. This was because Class 12 board exam marks were the criteria for admission to undergraduate courses.

Therefore, students were unaware of their ranks. This, in turn, led to a lot of confusion and chaos. As the students did not know their exact rank from before, they shifted frequently from one college to another. Thus, proper knowledge of the ranks and eligibility for a degree course can be acquired by Class 12 students through the entrance examination.

Ending the Cut-off Battle

For admission to well-reputed universities, the cut-off marks are very high. This makes the students become nervous. CBSE and ICSE students have different marking systems. This results in differing cut-offs. It sometimes becomes difficult to meet the cut-off marks and therefore, their applications are rejected. Thus, the cut-off criteria will successfully be replaced by the CUET Exam score. 

Following the same selection procedure

For admission to undergraduate courses, the well-recognized universities had their own criteria and rules clearly drafted until the beginning of 2022. A common selection procedure was not followed by them. Therefore, it can be rightly said that the procedure of selection was biased. 

The individual processes and criteria that were being followed by the Universities for admissions to Undergraduate courses may have or may not have been completely bias-free and fair. Universities with high cut-offs have gained importance because of this.

Also, those with low cut-offs have not yet gained much importance. Through the introduction CUET examination, all the universities will gain equal prominence. They will also not follow any individual criteria for admission. Also, if the students qualify CUET Entrance Examination, a wide range of choices will be offered to them.


In 2022, CUET Entrance Exam was introduced so that students are provided with a second opportunity if they have scored low marks in Class 12. This will help the students in proving themselves. The above section gives you a deep knowledge of the importance of qualifying for the CUET Exam.

Students may find it difficult to prepare independently because they do not have enough knowledge and experience. However, students are advised to refer to Class 11 and 12 NCERT Text Books in order to help them with their preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for conducting the CUET Exam?

In order to provide equal opportunities to all students, CUET Exam is conducted. All the students are given the opportunity to prove themselves by taking admission into their preferred colleges. The Minister of Education has made it compulsory to conduct the CUET Entrance test. This will remove the criteria of Class 12 Board Examination marks being taken for admissions. The universities are forced to unfollow their own criteria and process through this new procedure. Therefore, to a certain extent bias is reduced through this common procedure.  

Is it difficult to clear the CUET Exam?

It is not very difficult to crack the CUET Exams. The questions that appear in the Common University Entrance Test are mainly multiple-choice based. If the students have their science-based concepts clear, they can easily qualify for the exam. The difficulty level of the questions is considered moderate. Also, the students need not study for long hours. Moreover, there is no need for them to take a year of a break after class 12 to prepare for the CUET Exam. The students are required to form a proper study timetable and plan their work. They must also ensure that there is no deviation from the plan. There are no necessary criteria for students to be very brilliant. They must have the determination and work hard to crack the exam.

What is the ideal time to start preparing for the CUET Exam?

Class 12 is the ideal time for the students to start preparing for the CUET Exam. They should prepare a timetable so that they get sufficient time to prepare for their upcoming board exams along with competitive exams like CUET. To a certain extent, the syllabus of the CUET Exam is identical to the Class 12 curriculum. Therefore, the students are not required to study a lot of extra information to qualify for the exam. 

What are the Benefits of the CUET examination for students?

It is crucial for students who have scored average or low marks to pass with good grades in the CUET examination. A uniform platform is offered for the students through this type of entrance exam to show their talent and hidden potential. A general demotivation hits the students who have got low marks in Class 12 board exams. They feel that they cannot get admission to well-reputed universities just like their friends. Thus, CUET provides them with a chance to enter their preferred university. 

What are the necessary tips to crack CUET examination?

The first step for students is to analyse the CUET Syllabus properly. They must then divide the syllabus into separate sections according to their understanding. They must then prepare a timetable and follow it regularly. Through this study timetable, students must keep track of the time that they require to complete each topic or section. Students can never become lazy or casual if they follow a proper schedule or timetable. This will help a student in remaining active and compete with others. Also, students who are aspiring to take up CUET must take up mock tests regularly to evaluate their position. This is because, self-evaluation will help them in boosting their willpower and determination. 

What are the subjects that need focus to crack CUET?

Good knowledge must be possessed by the students in the subject of their domain. Students must also be aware of general subjects such as English grammar classes, data interpretation and reasoning problems. Moreover, it is necessary for the students to increase their general knowledge by reading newspapers regularly.

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