CUET continues to bother aspirants – Pros and Cons assessed

CUET continues to bother aspirants – Pros and Cons assessed

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET-UG 2022) ensures that the students are provided with a single-window admission opportunity to admission in universities across the country but it could fail underprivileged students who lack the adequate financial support to access coaching to adopt the new system.

There was no reason to cheer over Class 12 Board Exam scores as mark sheets will be of no value for the students who are planning to pursue higher studies at the Central Universities. A series of changes have been instituted for the 2022-2023 batch with the introduction of CUET.

Class 12 Board results have been devalued and the underprivileged aspirants who lack adequate financial support for tutoring or guidance to adapt to the new system face a great challenge. This deters the motive of making higher education accessible to all.

Moreover, academicians claim that the multiple-choice question-based tests may fail to examine critical thinking skills and writing proficiency. With regards to liberal arts and social sciences, the changes may overlook the concept of a deeper conceptual understanding of a subject.

After taking the examinations, the students and teachers have been raising two glaring questions; firstly, how will a student get through an admission process when there is no cut-off limit set for a particular college? and secondly, how will a student be able to secure admission to a college of their choice?

One of the principals from a DU college stated that the universities should have arranged for guidance and orientation programs for the students as CUET has been introduced as a brand new format and the training was conveniently left to the private sector.

Some claimed that the examination has added to the trauma of the students which has been weighed even more due to the mismanagement at the last moment. This method of CUET has also led to the mushrooming of private coaching centres. It was also stated by one of the principals that the multiple choice questions did not in any way assess the subjective knowledge of the students.

On a positive note, it was stated that students who didn’t seem to like the concept of CUET were just unnecessarily worried and there was nothing to panic and all the students of Class 12 were supposed to be studying from NCERT books.

Also, as the exam was being held for the first time, it was natural for certain mismanagement but the exam was simple and went on smoothly. It was also clarified by the NTA and the UGC that the students who missed the exam will be given another opportunity to take up the examination.

The time given to comprehend the changes were very little but there was no need for the students to worry as the new exam will be ensuring a very good level-playing field for them. The preparation done for the boards is enough and it is only necessary to brush up on lessons.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University stated that CUET was a timely and necessary step taken by the government to balance the systems of the diverse boards existing in the country.

CUET will, however, not affect the quota of reserved seats at such institutions but everyone will have to be admitted through the common test. Moreover, International students who are seeking admission to Indian Universities are exempt from CUET.

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