Cow centre set up in Delhi University’s Hansraj College

Cow centre set up in Delhi University’s Hansraj College
  • Hansraj College of Delhi University has inaugurated a cow protection and research centre named Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra. The centre has been started with one cow and if the research that is done is beneficial, then the centre will be expanded.
  • The centre will not only do research on the various aspects of cows but will also provide pure milk and ghee for the students and the monthly prayer ritual conducted on the campus. The research will be done on the various aspects of the cow and students will be provided with pure milk and ghee when the hostel opens.
  • The Cow centre is currently located by the college for the men’s hostel and the college is working on a gobar gas plant now. The officials from DU are not sure if similar initiatives exist in other DU colleges and this is an initiative taken at the college level.
  • The Students’ Federation of India of Hansraj College has alleged that the cow centre has been set up on the land allotted for women’s hostel. However, the principal stated that the area was too small to set up a girls’ hostel and that the college’s masterplan is being reworked which will need approval from the municipal corporation.

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