Complete guide for applying to Canadian universities

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Canada is a hub which houses some of the best institutes in the world and possesses a renowned name in the sphere of international academia. These institutes attract crowds of international students who prefer to go to Canada to gain premier education with an array of graduate and postgraduate programs and a vibrant atmosphere.

It is considered a mark of trust and distinction when a student receives a degree from a Canadian University as it offers a unique educational setup with various research opportunities. The Canadian government offers support to research in the fields of technology, medicine, telecommunication, agriculture and environmental science.

The process involves comprehensive growth ranging from education to extracurriculars and the students are provided with assistance to help them comprehend and realize their potential. Thus, all the students from Canada stand out which makes students perceive Canada as a destination of choice.

Moreover, Canada houses some of the world’s top 100 corporations attracting nearly 600,000 students each year from various countries across the globe. The admission process for Canada is very straightforward and there are different processes for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

For the undergraduate process, two types of forms must be filled:

Ontario University Application Centre: This is a common form that needs to be filled with basic information and submitted. The candidate will receive individual application credentials for the college after submitting the form and making the payment.

Direct Applications: Some universities provide direct applications in which students are required to go to the login page and create their own credentials.

Students who apply through OUAC must remember that all colleges have separate deadlines and they must keep their timelines in check and track the deadlines for various courses that they wish to apply to. Students who are applying through schools or colleges must check their deadlines and follow them to get their applications on time.

The application process must generally begin by July-August when students must start researching the colleges and other information. Students must start gathering their documents by August and fill out the application form during September. The applications must be submitted by January and the results will be announced during March-April.

In the meantime, students must register for standardized tests in August and must appear for them in the month of November. Students are required to submit their mark sheets along with Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, Online application details, Passport information and IELTS test result.

Postgraduate courses are an important step toward building their career and the intention behind pursuing the course is necessary. Students must highlight their background, the reason behind choosing the course and the university and specify their career goals in their statement of purpose. Candidates must clearly specify their goals immediately after this course and portray their long-term plans.

Candidates must be mindful in their statement of purpose and never talk about staying in a foreign nation for long. It will be great if the candidate specifies their intent to return back to their nation to help in serving their country.

Their intention behind applying for a master’s degree could be highlighted such as relocating to a new country, moving up the career ladder, transitioning into a new industry or a new role or both. Specific features that attract the candidate towards the university can be included along with their influence on the candidate that would help them realize their goal.

The reason behind choosing the postgraduate degree defines their future goals and clarity of thought as this is the answer that universities wish to see in the essays. These essays must include questions such as exposure, the skills developed by the candidate, the reason to choose the candidate, the reason behind the choice of course and university and career goals.

The idea behind this is to relate what the candidate has done so far with the desired course of study and it is a way to demonstrate passion and motivation to pursue this course. Thus, it is crucial to assess how pragmatic the aspiration of the candidate is.

The deadline for Canadian applications depends on the courses that are being applied for. Deadlines for MBA or MiM will be based on various rounds and the best time to apply is during the first and second rounds. The deadlines range from August-end or September start and end by mid-January.

The deadlines are not based on rounds for a master\’s degree but some courses have priority deadlines for international students. These deadlines end in mid-December so if the candidate wishes to apply for such courses, they must mark it in their calendar and get all the documents ready way before.

Some of the top international universities that can be applied to are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McMasters University, McGill University, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, Western University and York University.

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