Collaboration between industry and academics – Telangana

The Confederation of Indian Industry Telangana organized the third edition of its flagship conference DU summit in partnership with the Department of Collegiate and Technical Education and the State Council of Higher Education on the theme “Academic Excellence in Higher Education Through Industry Collaborations”.

The Commissioner of Collegiate and Technical Education stated that more students are opting for CSE/IT courses and core courses are not being preferred. He also stated that a few core sector companies could work together with the academics to bring positive transformation.

As the curriculum is being redesigned, soft skills are included as a part of credit courses and students are required to complete them along with which specialization in minors are being brought into engineering education and more seats are added to emerging and new areas.

The Chairman of the Council of Higher Education also stated that measures are being taken to improve the industry-academia collaboration and groups are formed to strengthen internships and curriculum.

Also, industries have been requested by the JNTU Vice-Chancellor to consider sponsoring research projects so that there would be a flow of knowledge from industry to academics and the institutions would be able to compete with international academic institutions.

Professor B.S. Murthy, Director of IIT Hyderabad stated that many colleges were introducing many new courses and the current courses are being changed according to industry needs. Academic experts must be allowed to take up long-term internships in industries and industry experts should take up a few courses in academic institutions.

The Chairman of CII Telangana stated that the education system of the country focuses more on acquiring knowledge and less on skill development and despite this fact, employers expect freshers to become productive as soon as they are joined in the organization.

Collaborations between academics and industries will pave the way to innovations and find the right solutions to problems and create value for the institutions as well as the industries. Also, the Vice-chairman of TSCHE stated that institutions must be designed to help the student’s success.

Academic institutions must help in the individual learning of the students and that multidisciplinary research could become a norm as work models are changing continuously. They may also help to prepare students for developing a new age.

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