China considers allowing foreign students in the country

China considers allowing foreign students in the country
  • The Chinese foreign ministry has declined to allow the stranded Indian students back in China. The foreign ministry stated that it was considering the return of international students stranded abroad to China in a coordinated manner.
  • Despite the pandemic under control, Beijing has not allowed students to return to its campus citing safety concerns. China issued that they will arrange for Pakistani students to return but did not give the timeline.
  • Similar arrangements are made for the return of students from Singapore, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. When asked about the plans for Indian students to return, the foreign ministry spokesperson stated that they are a coordinated manner for allowing foreign students to return to China following sound anti-epidemic protocols.
  • International students have repeatedly petitioned to lift the ban on their return but pleas have been futile so far. Many Indian medical students were not able to physically complete the final year of their medical course. Many students returned to India on the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic but are now stranded in their home country as Beijing has banned foreign students from returning to the country.

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