Challenge in acquiring study visa post-Covid

Challenge in acquiring study visa post-Covid

The British High Commission has asked Indian students to apply for visas as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Currently, the US and the UK are issuing more visas to Indian students but they are taking too long to process the visas. Though it was said that the visa approval would take only three weeks, many aspirants have been waiting for visas for more than a month.

However, the British High Commission has asked Indian students to apply for visas as soon as possible to avoid any delays. Also, the priority visa and super-priority visa applications have been resumed. Students currently suspect that the UK authorities are delaying some student visas so that they apply directly for priority services. This will bring the country more revenue.

Indian students are the UK\’s largest group of international students. In March 2022, nearly 108,000 study visas were issued to Indian Nationals. This is double the number from the previous year. This increase represents a recovery from lower numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visa Delay and Solutions

Education consultants state that postponement is a better option in cases where students are not approved for their visas or if their applications are on hold. The student must claim a refund or defer his admission to the next intake if the student receives the visa after the extended start date.

There may also be a delay due to resource diversion towards handling Ukraine visas. Meanwhile, a WorldGrad survey has found that over 80% of UG and 75% of PG students wish to pursue overseas education through a hybrid mode. It is the highest among those considering the UK and Australia.

Moreover, due to the apparent decrease in cost, students are more open to online mode. Some universities have stated that students can arrive up to four weeks late to cover longer visa timelines. International students are also allowed to start courses in online mode as a temporary arrangement.

Such students are asked to reach the campus by the extended last dates. Moreover, students who arrive late are provided with catch-up support from their tutors when they arrive. Some universities also oppose fee discounts for online classes.

Some students also suspect that the delay is due to the countries preferring students who can contribute to frontline resources. Pre-Covid demand is coming back to overseas migration and education. However, some students state that their process was smooth and they had received their visas earlier.

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