CBSE 2022 topper’s journey to her dream college

CBSE 2022 topper’s journey to her dream college

This article comprises a talk by the CBSE 2022 topper, Yuvakshi Vig about how she prepared for her Class 12 board exams and the challenges she faced.

CBSE 2022 topper Yuvakshi Vig has secured admission to BA (Hons) in Applied Psychology at Gargi College of Delhi University. This was her first preference. She was a student of Amity International School, Noida. The first round of seat allocation was done through Common Seat Allocation System on October 19.

Yuvakshi Vig prepared for her board exams during the lockdown induced by Covid-19. She said preparation at home was a blessing in disguise as there were many distractions. She was able to concentrate better when she was at home surrounded by her books.

Her hard work bore fruits and she scored 500 out of 500 in her Class 12 board examination. She chose History, Political Science, Psychology, English, and Fine Arts as her subjects. Vig stated that she never really counted hours and she put in all her efforts to prepare for the board exams.

She analyzed the time periods when her concentration was at its highest. At those times, she would focus entirely on the matter at hand and then do all her other work.

At her time, Class 12 board exams were split into two terms and the Common University Entrance Test was introduced for admissions to central universities. Yuvakshi Vig was under the assumption that Class 12 board results will be considered for admission to Delhi University.

Only after Term 1 of Class 12 board examination, she was informed about CUET. At that time, nobody knew the pattern or anything about questions. Yuvakshi Vig prepared entirely on a self-study basis. Vig sought help from her teachers.

She stated that she did not need tuition or coaching services as her core interest was social sciences. She stated that she was able to manage it effectively. Her teachers explained everything so well from the beginning which made everything clear. They also helped them clear her doubts.

Lockdown Crisis

Yuvakshu Vig had her social life hampered due to the lockdown. She concentrated better when she was at home. However, extended periods of isolation affected her studies. It had both positives and negatives. There had been days when she could not really concentrate because she found no change in the environment. This phenomenon sometimes led to distractions.

She chose Applied Psychology over Psychology Honours. This is because she found it more appealing for its practical-based coursework. She plans to go a long way in Psychology as it is very academic as well as research-based. She plans to go for post-graduation after Delhi University and explore all the fields academically and choose her career.

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