Can I crack CUET in the first attempt? – Preparation dose

Can I crack CUET in the first attempt? – Preparation dose

The batch of 2022 is appearing for two board examinations and is also appearing for the CUET examination. CUET has become one of the biggest examinations in its debut year and the number is likely to increase later in the future.

Due to high-cut off, many colleges were a distant dream for many students but now, they are within reach just because of CUET. However, CUET is the last resort for students as weightage is not given for the board marks by the University Grants Commission for admission to central universities. Here are a few key points that will help you ace CUET in the first attempt:

Know the exam in-depth: The first step is to understand the structure of the exam as it has three different sections and the eligibility for each of the courses varies. Students must check each specification thoroughly in terms of course and college requirements before planning their application and preparing for the exam.

Explore the syllabus: Students must have proper knowledge of the syllabus for each of the subjects offered. Students must go through the syllabus in-depth and check for any priorities that have been mentioned so that they are facilitated with the understanding of the specific content for the subject. This will help them filter out the topics that must be covered and make it easy to create a priority list.

Relevant study material: Students must focus on getting access to good quality and comprehensive study materials. Books that cover the entire syllabus will help in saving time and they will not be required to study from a variety of books. Referring to the NCERT books will provide the concept clarity necessary for an MCQ format examination.

Section-wise preparation: The CUET exam is divided into three sections namely language, domain specific and general ability tests and the preparation for each section must be based on specific requirements.

Section 1 requires a complete understanding of the language that the student has selected and the student must possess a thorough knowledge of grammar. The focus must be given to developing reading comprehension skills which is the core element of this section.

Section 2 comprises domain-specific subjects and the syllabus must be completely analyzed. For preparation, NCERT books must be referred to, to build a strong base. Students must also make their own notes and practice as many MCQ questions as they can.

Section 3 consists of the general ability test that measures general aptitude and consists of four areas namely Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness and Current Affairs. Students must start arithmetic preparation and work on their speed by solving sums within a specified time limit. Students must possess clarity in basics and formulas and reading newspapers will help in general awareness.

Students must also work on improving their knowledge of static GK and current affairs. Solving reasoning puzzles and riddles online can help in scoring the logical reasoning part. General aptitude requires patience and time and with consistency and regularity, one can score well in this section.

Right Subject Selection: Students are required to appear for 2 or 3 subjects based on the course requirement under Section 2 of CUET. Along with mandatory subjects, it is necessary to select other subjects. Students must choose subjects that are easy to understand and the ones which they find interesting and are confident in and not choose any subject for their friends and peers.

Practice Sample Papers: The student should practice sample papers for better understanding and preparation which will help them stick to the time and help them review their own selves. These resources will help in accelerating preparation time by providing quick revision of the vast syllabus.

You must always work on revising the topics that you have covered in a day and it is necessary to have a proper strategy, planning and organization and one must make most of the study time. Study each subject for a specific amount of time and give breaks when there is a necessity. This will help you in focusing and dividing your time accordingly.

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