\’Bring Your Family\’ offers by the United Kingdom

'Bring Your Family' offers by the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, in order to lure Indian students, the universities may be paying education agents with various offers.

In the United Kingdom, in order to lure Indian students, the universities may be paying education agents with various offers. Such offers include allowing the students to bring their families with them into the country.

Telegraph released a recent report which stated that the agents are paid with commissions to market graduate visas. This will help potential Indian students in getting visas for their children and spouses.

Some agents provide offers which give a full-time job for a spouse along with a two-year stay in the country. Moreover, prospective students are told by others to hurry. This is because the United Kingdom could soon enforce restrictions on dependents.


\’The UK Quality Agent Framework\’ was recently launched by the British Council. This will provide training and promote a code of conduct. Students can also make more informed choices as they will engage with high-quality agents to enable the students to do so.

This program offers a one-stop-shop for agents, education advisers and counsellors so that they will be able to understand the United Kingdom as a study destination in a better way. This is according to the Global Head of International Student Mobility, British Council.

A graduate visa was previously known as a post-study visa. After successfully completing a course from a British University, it allows international students to stay in the United Kingdom for at least two years.

This report has been released at a moment when the government of the United Kingdom is already in a conflict regarding its immigration-averse image. The number of total migrants in the country increased to 504,000 in the year to June.

The number of student dependents who have been securing visas to come to the UK have increased from 44,000 to more than 116,000 in just a year. Nearly 41 per cent of the total number of Graduate Route visas were received by the Indians.


According to recent UK immigration statistics, the Graduate Route visas were introduced in 2021. India has surpassed China in becoming the largest source of students for the United Kingdom. Last year, nearly 161,000 students along with 33,240 dependents came to the United Kingdom.

Senior ministers are currently trying to curb the number of dependents who are allowed into the United Kingdom. They have been planning on restricting foreign students who are attending low-quality courses. However, the restrictions will bankrupt universities in the UK as they depend on foreign students for money.

It was recently revealed by the British High Commission that it granted 1.27 lakh student visas to Indians. This report was exclusively in the year ending September 2022. Thus, there is an increase of 273 per cent over September 2019. Universities in the UK offer the best study abroad programs which students from all over the world prefer.

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