Boston University’s largest applicant pool – Class of 2026

Boston University’s largest applicant pool – Class of 2026
  • More than 6,300 students applied for Boston University’s early decision which is an 11.5 per cent increase from last year’s number of 5,663 students. In total, 80,797 students have applied to the Class of 2026 at Boston University which is a 6.7% rise in applications overall.
  • This has been the largest and strongest applicant pool ever and it has been a daunting task for BU to select the top students from this pool. The rise in the applicants may be due to the decision of making standardized ACT and SAT scores optional.
  • The average SAT score is 1442 for the 43.7 per cent of applicants who chose to submit scores this year and the average ACT score is 33. The average high school GPA is 3.81 which is greater than the one of last year.
  • Applications from international students rose by 10.8 per cent with applicants hailing from 168 countries from which the top five countries are China, India, South Korea, Canada and Taiwan. Applications were received from all the 50 US states, domestically with most of the students from New York, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas.
  • Applications from African American/Black students increased 21 per cent and from Hispanic/ Latinx students increased by 12 per cent. First-generation college students were increased by 23 per cent. This increase in the numbers speaks volumes about BU’s position in the marketplace as well as the strong appeal of the academic programs for students from different backgrounds.
  • Many of the applicants for this year came through QuestBridge which recruits applicants and selects finalists who name the member institutions they would like to attend. QuestBridge would then forward these applications to the participating schools for consideration and if the students are selected, the institution will cover the full cost of attendance.
  • Nearly 1764 high school students applied for one of BU’s QuestBridge scholarships via early decision and 30 were selected, who were exceptional and ranked top 3 per cent of their high school class having an average GPA of 3.9.

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