Reasons to pursue an integrated course in India

The Indian educational system has gone through remarkable changes over the past few decades. A breakthrough was made in the system curriculum with the installation of integrated courses

What exactly is this integrated course?

An integrated course is a dual degree program under which two courses are pursued together throughout the academic session. That enables the students to get additional educational degrees or diplomas within the corresponding duration of the study. 

For instance, it takes about three years to complete a BSc degree and about 2-years to acquire an MSC degree. But rather than completing the two degrees separately within 5-years, you can pursue BOTH the BSc and MSc degrees together from the same institute within the span of 4 years. 

Not only this, now under the conjoint dual degree integrated programs, a student can also pursue a degree from two different streams. An example is a BA. LLB or the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law course. As is obvious by the name itself, the degree allows you to pursue studies in both the humanities and law fields. If you are indecisive and not yet sure about the subjects that you wish to study, you can now go for an integrated course that will allow you to explore & learn about different disciplines simultaneously at the same time. 

Check out the benefits of pursuing an integrated course in India.

  • It’s is time and cost-effective. For example, if you pursue an integrated MSC course in a field, you’ll get to complete two levels of graduation (BSC + MSC) within 4-years, rather than waiting for 5- years to get both your BSC + MSC degrees separately.
  • You will get to acquire in-depth knowledge about a field.
  • You will get the opportunity to acquire two degrees at the end of the course from the same educational institute. 
  • The job opportunities are doubled after completion of an integrated course.
  • An integrated course helps you take a shortcut in your educational journey without actually hampering the quality of your education.


There are several integrated courses that you can pursue right after your class 12th graduation from any of the streams. The eligibility criteria are different for different colleges & degrees. There are also several entrance exams like CLAT, IISER, etc., for admissions to some of these integrated courses. Many top educational institutes in India also give admissions to these integrated programs based on class 12th merit scores. To know more about these colleges, be sure to register at collzy .


  • BA LLB 
  • B. COM. LLB


 Judging by the criticality of time, employers are more interested in looking for candidates who have in-depth knowledge about a field and knows how to work under pressure. Seeking an integrated course is no child’s play. It grooms your skills, understanding, and time-managing qualities. These are some of the top characteristics that employers look for while recruiting suitable candidates for jobs. Not only this, but you can now also get a shortcut from a long journey of education and save up on your most priceless asset, which is your TIME. 

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