Know all about the Bachelor of Social Work course

Bachelor of Social Work is a three-year undergraduate degree program. BSW is a specialized degree that aims to build humble and passionate workers of the society that contribute to make this world a better place to live. The course has three major parts including, the foundation course, elective course, and fieldwork. 


Candidates from all streams can pursue this Bachelor of Social Work course as their undergraduate degree after completing their 10+2 level. 


Some of the major subjects included under the Bachelor of Management Science course are listed below:

Humanities and Social Science, Introduction to Social Work, Social work intervention with Communities and Institutions, Empowerment of Women, Sexual Health Education, Basic Concepts of Social Psychology, Substance Abuse, Basic Counseling Skills, etc.


Courses to pursue after completing Bachelor of Management Science:

  • MBA
  • Indian Civil Service


Popular job opportunities with a Bachelor of Social Work degree:

JobAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Social Worker3,16,000
Special Educator2,16,000
Project Manager4,50,000
Habilitation Specialist7,50,000


Bachelor of Social Work is a great degree to pursue if you have a soft heart and wish to contribute to the development of society. As a candidate seeking a BSW course, you will gain a deep understanding of various social issues that are creating a restraint on the development of society. Although there is always volunteering, today, a BSW graduate can earn a handsome salary in various NGO groups and social welfare departments.

Candidates with good communication skills, sympathy for the weak, integrity, tolerance, patience & humble nature are well-qualified to pursue a BSW course.

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