Know all about the Bachelor of Performing Arts course

Bachelor of Performing Arts is a 3 to 4 years undergraduate degree program. The degree offers a comprehensive study of the various branches of art such as dance, drama, and music. 


Candidates from all streams can pursue this Bachelor of Performing Arts course as their undergraduate degree after completing their 10+2 level. 


Some of the major subjects included under the Bachelor of Performing Arts course are listed below:

Raga Studies, History of Dance, New Media & Performance Arts, Choreography, Intensive Study of Raga, Indian Culture, Mudras, Western Music, etc. 


Courses to pursue after completing Bachelor of Performing Arts:

  • MBA
  • Masters


Popular job opportunities with a Bachelor of Performing Arts:

JobsAverage Salary 
ChoreographerINR 3,10,000
Music therapistINR 2,00,000
Broadcast presenterINR 4,78,000
Community arts workerINR 2,50,000 


Bachelor of Fine Arts is a great course to pursue if you want to harness your artistic side and build a career in the field of dance, drama, and music. The job opportunities in the field are never-ending and limitless. Your art and talent are nourished and built while pursuing this course, allowing you to acquire a deep understanding of the evolution of these art forms over time.

As a BPA Graduate, you can pursue different professions such as Acting, screenwriting, dance teacher, music therapist, and much more. India being a country that has a rich history associated with dance, drama, and music, has many great opportunities for a BPA graduate. The field is brimming with potential, provided you have the talent and the dedication needed to help this talent reach the zenith of its development. 

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