6 THINGS that a student must know about Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women-Collzy

Established in the year 1956, Lady Shri Ram College for Women is known for empowering women through education. Not only this but it is also known for its excellence in academics which is why it is everyone’s dream. Affiliated with Delhi University this renowned college is one of India’s most prestigious institutions for education. From courses like Journalism to Elementary education they offer everything. Their main motto is – That Alone is Knowledge Which Liberates Us

This is why they aim to provide quality education to their students so that they can pass with flying colors. Started with just 3 courses and only 100 students, LSR now offers more than 25 courses and has over 3000 students. They want to shape the minds of the young generation with the help of creative situations and teaching styles.

Courses Offered

This college offers several undergraduate courses for students like Arts, Humanities, Commerce and Science. However, the popular courses preferred by aspirants are Political Science, Economics, Statistics and Psychology. Other courses are –

  1. B.A.
  2. B.Sc.
  3. B.com
  4. M.Sc.
  5. Diploma

Diploma courses include Peace building and Conflict transformation. The fee structure of the courses is affordable.

Scholarships and Freeships

Every year a huge number of scholarships as well as free ships are awarded to students. The students who are at the level of the set criteria for academics are awarded with scholarships while others receive free ships. In addition, economically weak students are provided with financial assistance and they make sure that the needs of these students are fulfilled on time.

Placement Criteria

LSR has a placement cell that makes sure that the students are provided with great job opportunities. Also, they provide workshops for the students so that they can build their resume in a creative manner. Organizations like Amrit India, Prowisdom, Ernst & Young and many more conduct these workshops and help them to do that.

They have a total of 2 Internship coordinators, 5 Placement coordinators and 1 treasurer which is assisted by 20 members in order to make the functioning of the cell smooth. They provide job opportunities to specially-abled students as well.  

Many big companies like Bira, Citi, Bloomberg, Big 4 Audit and many more visit the campus every year to recruit deserving candidates. The normal package which is offered to the students is 2.40 – 6.30 lakhs per annum and the highest sky-touching package is 37.8 lakhs per annum.

Clubs & Societies

  1. English Debating Society
  2. The LSR MUN Society
  3. Hindi Debating Society
  4. The “World University Service” Society
  5. The Indian and Western Music Society
  6. Dance Society
  7. Interface – The academic forum
  8. Dramatics Society
  9. National Sport Organisation


There is a huge auditorium which can hold over 400 students at one time. Other than this there is a canteen as well which provides food at reasonable prices. There are several computer labs as well as ATM.

Further, there is a sports ground for students who need a distraction. Also, there is a hostel as well which is home to 200 students and is well maintained by the authorities.

About the Campus

There are a total of 20 classrooms that are equipped to provide everything that a student needs. The infrastructure of LSR is worth drooling at. Apart from this, they have a multi-purpose room which is used for extra-curricular activities and other small events.

 The café is very tidy and well maintained to keep the place hygienic. Every year they make sure that their technology is upgraded with the best one available in the market.

Editor’s Note

In this blog, we have included everything that a student might need to know about LSR. We believe that the college life of a student is full of sweet and happy memories. But the initial process of admissions and shortlisting the college takes a lot of time. That’s when Collzy steps up and does everything for you. Yes, you heard it right because our motto is – College made easy

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