Best US scholarships for Indian Students in 2022-2023

Best US scholarships for Indian Students in 2022-2023
  • The US offers scholarships to cover accommodation, stationaries and flight tickets to America along with tuition fees. Some of the scholarships offered are given below:

The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program

  • Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for well-qualified students from developed countries to undertake a postgraduate course at any participating academic institutions in the US and several other Asian countries.
  • After the completion of the program, scholars must contribute to the development of their home countries. The program awards full tuition fee coverage, an allowance for books and stationaries, a monthly subsistence and housing allowance, medical insurance and travel expenses.
  • The scholarship is applied for one year and can further be extended to the second year of study if a satisfactory level of performance is maintained and the maximum duration is only two years for master\’s and doctorate programs.

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

  • The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program is for students who hail from developing countries with relevant professional experience and for those who are applying for a master\’s degree program in a development-related topic and carry a history of supporting their country’s development efforts.
  • Scholarships are offered for 26 Participating Programs at universities in Africa, the US, Europe, Oceania and Japan that covers tuition, round-trip airfare, a monthly living stipend, health insurance and several other travel allowances.

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

  • The Aga Khan Foundation offers a limited number of scholarships every year for outstanding students who lack the financial capabilities for their education. Scholarships are awarded through an annual competitive application process on a 50% grant to 50% loan basis. The Foundation offers priority to master’s level courses and only covers tuition fees and living expenses.
  • PhD programs are funded only for the first two years of study. Half of the scholarship amount is provided as a loan and must be reimbursed with an annual interest of 5%. The loan must be repaid in five years.

The Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

  • The Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development funds for up to four academic years for graduate-level coursework or research and the minimum award is US$30,000 which funds passport or visa fees, inoculations, school supplies, travel expenses, accommodation, tuition fees, household supplies and language training courses.

The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

  • The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is provided for outstanding international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree within the US and will be returning home to enhance under-resourced, underserved communities in their home country.
  • The scholarship covers all expenses like full tuition fees and accommodation and doesn’t cover expenses like health insurance, miscellaneous expenses, books and airline tickets. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study based on academic performance.

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  1. I’m so glad that I came across your article because I want to get a higher education in the USA, but, of course, the cost of education is a real inhibitory factor. I think that scholarship is the most optimal variant for international students who can’t pay the whole cost of education. Without any doubts, there are a great deal of reasons to give preference to universities in the USA because it will bear you huge fruits and will open a lot of opportunities to you. I think that the flexible education system is the most important advantage in universities in the USA because it lets you fulfill your potential in full measure and not waste time. Of course, education in the USA opens more opportunities for successful employment and it is so cool that you are not limited by only one type of scholarship. After reading your article, I understood that it is quite realistic to get a scholarship because everything is possible. You only need to be persistent and purposeful, doing your best to achieve the intended target.

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