Best universities to study linguistics in Europe – 2022

Best universities to study linguistics in Europe – 2022
  • Linguistics is the study of human communication, parts of language and structure and the course focuses on grammar, syntax, phonetics and the other common properties of languages spoken across the world. After completing a course on linguistics, you can work in an academic environment or become a researcher with students. Below are some of the best universities to study linguistics:
  • University of Groningen: The university offers a one-year master’s course and teaches the students the language of their choice through various aspects such as psychology, social interaction and learning techniques. The university also provides research classes to give the students a better understanding of the language.
  • Utrecht University: The university offers a full-time course of two years and it is amongst the best universities in the region. The course focuses on theoretical, psycholinguistic and the proper use of language. Students shall be trained in computational and experimental methodology and during internship and thesis, the student will have to practice designing and planning.
  • University of Leicester: The course duration is of about 30 months and it is an online program. The admission forms are accepted in March and September and the student must have a second-class honours degree or equivalent to be eligible for this program.
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel: A one year program is offered by the university and the classes must be attended in the university itself. The course starts in languages like English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, etc. Scholarships are offered for bright students who fulfil the requirement and score well.
  • University of Eastern Finland: A two-year program is offered by the university as a full-time course and the program is taught in English. The key focus of the language is empirical linguistics which stands for pragmatics, syntax, translation linguistic, etc.

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