Best and brightest students inducted into the UK

Best and brightest students inducted into the UK

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has acknowledged the contributions of international students to enrich the university experience. He also echoed the agenda of the UK to recruit international students who are the best and brightest.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom recognized that significant economic and cultural contributions are made by the international students to the country and especially, the higher education sector.

However, he abstained from declaring whether the United Kingdom should attempt to recruit more. The UK wants to recruit international students who are the best and brightest according to him. He conveyed to a committee of the Member of Parliament\’s that the university experience for all is enriched by students from overseas.

For 2030, a target of 600,000 students was set. This target has been met several years early. Thus, this shows that the country has succeeded. However, the Prime Minister did not refer to any plans of reframing the target for 2030.

The chair of the education select committee equired on whether some institutions should draw more international students when compared to others. However, the Prime Minister replied that at some institutions, he has not spoken about limiting international students.

What should the UK focus on?

The Education Minister commented recently that the UK should focus on expansion and growth. This is because, it has already reached its target a decade early. The home secretar of the UK commented that the students from overseas are supporting poor universities. The international stake holders gave a heavy blow of criticism after receiving this comment.

For talented students, there is a global competition. For highly skilled people, the UK visa is extremely competitive. Moreover, the reforms on the Graduate route visa for increased post-study work rights are intended to attract people to the country.

However, the UUKi has warned that the United Kingdom must not pursue growth at any cost. They should diversify the international student body while focusing on sustainable growth. Also, they must maintain the second rank as the most popular education destination.

The proper foundation of a migration system, according to the Prime Minister is based on the contribution of people when they reside in a country. Therefore, they must be contributing in one way or the other.

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