Artificial Intelligence – Top master’s program in the US

Artificial Intelligence – Top master’s program in the US
  • Pursuing an AI course from US-Based universities can be a great option for professionals who want to build their career in AI as AI is one of the integral parts of business processes. Below are a few masters programs in artificial intelligence in the USA.

MS in Computer Science with AI specialization – Stanford University

  • A masters in computer science is provided in nine specializations by Stanford University and one of them is Artificial Intelligence. The program aims to teach the students about AI principles and techniques and foundational materials on topics such as probability, language and logic.
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn machine learning, probabilistic modelling and interference, robotics, natural language processing and applications in domains like text processing and biology.

Master of Computational Data Science – Carnegie Mellon University

  • The Carnegie Mellon University provides the Master of Computational Data Science program that inculcates the skills needed to develop the technical requirements needed in the coming generation of massive information systems.
  • The program focuses on databases, machine learning, distributed algorithms and storage, language technologies, design capabilities and human-computer interaction.
  • The program is intended for students with a degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related degree. After the completion of common MCDS core courses in the first semester, students have to choose from three concentrations namely analytics, systems and human-centred data science.

Masters in Artificial Intelligence – Northwestern University

  • Students are provided with the technical skills to create new AI systems and understand the nature of human environments in which the systems they build will be deployed through the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program by Northwestern University.
  • Students can either opt to work directly in the industry or continue their original field of study but have the knowledge of the tools and techniques of AI to make transformations in the field. Students will be equipped with the depth and breadth of artificial intelligence technologies towards the end of the program along with learning to design and deploy systems.

Masters in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence – University of Cincinnati

  • The graduates of this program will be able to contribute to AI through applications in many traditional disciplines and emerging fields and core courses such as Systems Engineering Analysis, Engineering Date Management and Analysis and Industry 4.0 Domains of Knowledge will be provided.

School of Interactive Computing – Georgia Tech

  • This course will provide the students with interdisciplinary skills, practical and theoretical understanding to implement and evaluate computer interfaces of the future.
  • The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Human-Computer interaction degree program is of four semesters with a total of 36 credit hours. The areas of specialization include Digital Media, Industrial Design and Psychology and Interactive computing.

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