Apprehensions by students, teachers and parents mount – CUET

Apprehensions by students, teachers and parents mount – CUET

Apprehensions have been raised by several students, school teachers and parents about the upcoming Common University Entrance Test (CUET) flagging short notice, exams being split into two phases and confusion in admit cards.

CUET is a mandatory examination for undergraduate admissions in Central Universities and it is being held over several days in two phases. The president of the Indian Wide Parents’ Association stated that students have been given admit cards only two days prior to the exam.

Some of the specified exam centres are very far off from the students’ locations and it is very hard for some students to commute this distance, especially on short notice. Moreover, monsoon has arrived in the country and Northeast states are dealing with landslides.

The exams could be postponed to August or both the phases could be done together which will also provide the students with longer time to study. Conducting the exam in two phases has also been deemed unfair as the same combination of exams opted by one person will have their exams in July and the other person will have their exams in August.

Thus, the second person will have more time for preparation and will perform in a better way. Moreover, on some admit cards, the name of the exam centre is missing and these types of errors must be rectified immediately as it creates anxiety and panic among the students.

For some students, too many papers have been scheduled in a single day which puts them at a disadvantage when compared to those who are appearing for their exams in the same subjects several days apart.

Exam dates and times must be allotted in such a way that it does not put any unnecessary pressure on the students and helps them to prepare peacefully for their exams in a relaxed manner.

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