All about GMAT – Know more about the MBA Abroad program

All about GMAT – Know more about the MBA Abroad program

GMAT Scores are reliable predictors of a candidate’s success in graduate management schools and candidates who wish to seek admission in MBA abroad from highly ranked institutions must score high on GMAT.

The GMAT is used to measure the candidate’s success in business management programs and will determine how well they will fit into the business arena. Scores on GMAT is a mandatory exams for admissions to MBA programs abroad and remain valid for 3-4 years according to the admission policy of respective management colleges.

Candidates can appear for more than one GMAT in a year and thus, the best scores in one of the GMAT exams are considered for admission to MBA abroad. Without GMAT, it is difficult to explore admission opportunities for MBA Abroad.

GMAT assesses problem-solving skills, planning and measuring skills, ability to solve complex formulas, etc., which are required to have a successful career in business and management. GMAT score is highly important to business and management programs offered across the world.

A good GMAT score will also help in receiving financial aid while pursuing management programs. GMAT scores are also considered by employers worldwide to assess the skills of the candidates required to succeed in business and management.

There are four sections in a GMAT Test namely; Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning to measure the skills are abilities of the candidates.

Analytical Writing Assessment measures the ability of the candidate to analyze the reasoning behind a given argument and write a critique of the argument. The Quantitative Reasoning section measures the ability of the candidate to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, interpret graphical data and use the information given in the problem.

The Verbal Reasoning section measures the ability to read and comprehends written material, usage of correct written English, Reasoning and Evaluating arguments. Integrated Reasoning measures the ability to evaluate or synthesize data present from multiple sources in multiple formats.

GMAT is a three and a half hour standardized exam that is designed to analyze how the candidates will academically perform in MBA. Candidates can analyze their strengths and weaknesses through the GMAT score and various GMAT preparation tips to assist the candidates in understanding the quantitative and verbal concepts prior to the examination.

The GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800 from which two-thirds of test-takers score between 400-600. A score above 700 is considered a good score for admissions into top MBA schools where aspirants can pursue their MBA abroad dream.

GMAT is a factor with which the application of the candidate is evaluated. A low GMAT is not a reason to be disheartened because a low score can be offset with a high GPA which is a proven track record in a quantitative job and outstanding extracurricular or leadership activities.

However, a good GMAT score will always help in getting into a good institution whereas a low GMAT may not always guarantee admissions to aspirants who wish to pursue their MBA abroad. Candidates are advised to identify their strengths and weakness and work hard to gain the best out of the GMAT scores.

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