A to Z Expenses of international students in Canada

A to Z Expenses of international students in Canada

Canada is a popular destination for all international students, especially Indian students. Before
the pandemic, 638,380 international students received a study permit in Canada in 2019
according to data from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

As borders reopened, 621,565 international students were issued study permits for courses of the
duration of six months. Canada is popular amongst international students due to the world-class
education, research facilities, multicultural classrooms, faculty, and work opportunities after
course completion.

Moreover, the cost of education is relatively more affordable than some of the other destinations.
Indian students accounted for 217,410 international students which is the largest portion.

Canadian institutions offer degree programs for the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate
levels along with a various diploma and certificate courses that impart specific skill sets to the

A minimum of three Canadian universities feature in the Top 100 global rankings by both QS
World University Rankings and US News. This article will be explaining about the various
expenses that will be necessary for a student who is willing to pursue their education in Canada.


The Application Fee is often overlooked by most students and parents when budgeting for study
abroad. In order to submit an application, each university charges a fee that ranges from CAD
50-250 (approximately INR 3000-15000) per application depending upon the program. To
improve their chances, students generally apply to a few universities and hence, this cost can add


Students are required to display their English proficiency to Canadian Universities via tests such
as TOEFT or IELTS and also other tests such as SAT for undergraduate level programs and GRE
or GMAT for the graduate-level program. The cost ranges from CAD 150-330 (approximately
INR 9000-20000) depending upon the test.


Applying for a study permit for Canada costs approximately CAD 150 (approximately INR


The tuition fees vary depending on the course, duration, and the university. Depending on these
factors, the tuition fees for Canadian universities can range from CAD 8000-52000
(approximately INR 5 lakhs-30 lakhs).


This expense varies depending upon the city the candidate chooses to reside in and the budget
ranges from 12,000-16,000 (approximately INR 7 lakhs-10 lakhs) a year. It is always better to
budget a full year but students can work part-time and help pay for some of their living expenses.
Canada has a post-study work program that enables the students to find employment in Canada
after the completion of their programs and extend their stay up to three years depending on the
duration of the course.

Working in Canada helps the students to gain experience in the field of their choice while
increasing their earning potential which enables them to afford their living expenses or pay back
student loans. Several students also apply for permanent residency and this has been a growing
trend in recent years.

Several educational loan providers are present to help the students and families make studying
abroad affordable but it is necessary to ensure that due diligence is conducted before proceeding.

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