A surge in the US Student Visa in Winter Term for Indians

A surge in the US Student Visa in Winter Term for Indians

The Embassy of the United States expects another surge in the demand for student visas in the US for the winter term. Maximum resources have been deployed by the embassy to reduce the waiting time for visas.

The Ambassador of the United States stated that there is another surge which is expected for US student visas for students from India who wish to pursue their studies for the winter term in the US. She stated this while interacting at the Consulate General, in Mumbai.

US Mission in India has issued around 82,000 visas to students in a very aggressive surge in the summer term. Around 40 lakh Indians stay in the US at present with nearly 2 lakh students studying in universities in the US.

The waiting time for US visas ranges from 29 days in Kolkata to 360 days in Hyderabad for both student and foreign exchange (types F, M and J). The wait times are 133 days for Mumbai and Chennai and 132 for New Delhi.

The backlogs in issuing visas are a growing concern for Indians who are travelling to the US. The Secretary in the US and External Affairs Minister have discussed on the issues relating to these delays. Thus, Washington has made reducing waiting time in India as a global priority.

The highest resources have been deployed by the US to clear backlogs as soon as possible. She also emphasized that they must be up to date on student visas just as they are up to date on crew visas. Also, they are up to date on H-1B visas. There is, however, a one or two weeks delay in those.

The embassy is also working to cut short the time taken related to other visas. Also, new vice counsels are being trained in Washington to come to India. Their number will be more than the pre-pandemic era by next summer. Thus, they will be able to reduce the waiting time for visas starting in spring-summer.

The Ambassador of the US emphasized that this issue is extremely important in Washington. Therefore, tremendous efforts are being put to find various innovative solutions to reduce the waiting time. US colleges offer various study abroad programs which attract a majority of Indians to their country.

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